Lord Ganesha has been a very popular deity and is privileged to be worshipped first and foremost bet service to any God. He is believed to be a removal of hurdles and pains and source of happiness and wishes. He is also believed to be the God of intellect and arts.

There are many places of worship Lord Ganesha all over the world and since ancient times. Among them all the famous 8 places (Ashta-Vinayaka) in Maharashtra have assured importance and people rush to him for both earthly pleasures and blessings for happy and contented life.

Shri Ballaleshwar of Pali, Dist Raigad Maharashtra is such deity that lacs of devotees throng from all over and make offerings. The deity is said to be famous for quick response to the prayers.  

We welcome you to the website of Shri Ballaleshwar, who is worshipped by his followers across the word. We decided to launch this side to make all devotees aware of The Story of Shri Ballaleshwar, History of the Temple, Devasthana’s development projects and facilities for the devotees.

This is our sincere effort to share maximum information with Shri Ballaleshwar devotees. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to email us on devasthan@ballaleshwar.com  

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