1) Sarasgad fort

2) Hot water springs at Unhere, 4 km away. Unhere dam and Shivmandir are also the places of interest

3) Sudhagad fort with Goddess Bhorai 15 kms away.  The shrine was established by Bhrugu Rishi. Celebrations for 10 days in Navratri

4) Bhrugu Rishi place in the hills near place Gomashi there are caves at Thanale

5) Pali Gramdevata “Vardayini” is at 9 km distance. Shri Ram was blessed at Usar by Goddess here, it is said. Navratri celebration takes place here for 9 days

6) The place ”Uddhar” where Ram Bhakta Jatayu had fought with Ravana on his way to Lanka with Sita is at Uddhar. 14 km away from there is Rameshwar, a self generated place of Lord Shiva (Swayambhu). Uddhar has a pond for Asthi Visarjana and bones get dissolved in this water. A hill station known as “Rameshwar Vaibhav” is also nearby.

7) 3 kms away from Pali, is the Swayambhu place of Lord Shiva known as Siddheshwar which is 350 years old and stone made temple. There is a big celebration on Kartik (Tripurari) Pournima

8) Ganesh Temples at Pui, near Siddheshwar

9) Vireshwar Swayambhu place on 17 km distance at Asara Navghar

10) One can visit Mallikapur, Hataleshwar, Kedareshwar Shiva Temple, Hanuman Temple, Datta Temple, Shri Ram Temple, Amba Mata Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Mahakali Temple & Mari Mata Temple etc. in the town to make the visit more meaningful.